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First printed in 1891, Texas Catholic is the official newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas and the oldest Catholic newspaper in Texas.

To preserve the nearly 120 year old newsprint, Rev. Mr. Bronson Havard, Executive Editor called on Texas Imaging Company for digital scanning of the archives. These papers require "museum quality care" due to the fragile, almost brittle, condition of the originals.

Texas Imaging Company employed specialized techniques to capture high-quality images without damaging the archives, and was even able to OCR the papers for full-text searches. Now, historical researchers can find any word on any page, in seconds and unlock the oldest past information using the newest technology!

Call for help with . .

  • Accounting Files
  • Medical Charts
  • Courthhouse Records
  • Drilling Well Logs
Atco Rubber Products

ATCO Rubber Products, Inc. is the world's largest manufacturer of flexible ducts for air conditioning systems. With nineteen manufacturing sites throughout the United States. ATCO ships customer orders from East, West, or Gulf coasts depending on the destination of the order. The combination of superior technology, prompt delivery, and lower freight costs makes ATCO the undisputed leader in flexible duct systems - anywhere in the world. Problem: ATCO's imaging system was choking on the millions of images they've scanned from the Accounting Department, & it's really SLOW. .

Texas Imaging Company installed the scanning and indexing software PaperFlow, imported their images and linked the SQL-based accounting software. Using PaperVision which continually updates and users access even the most recent docs by any Search Critera, instantly. When the auditors arrived, they were granted user access, the audit didn't interrupt day-to-day operations whatsoever for the First time in company history!

As shipments leave warehouses, the Bill of Lading and Packing Slips are scanned with Canon's ScanFront scanners through the network and PaperVision automatically joins them with the Sales Order and Invoice files.
Now, the Sales Department & Customer Service have all the possible information needed at their fingertips and available in a few keystrokes. And it's really FAST.
Dedicated to animal health since 1968. Virbac is the first independent laboratory worldwide, exclusively dedicated to animal health. Present in more than 100 countries, the company develops, makes and distributes the widest range of products and services intended for the prevention and treatment of the main pathologies in companion and food producing animals.

Mr. Jerome Gainer, Senior Mgr. of Regulatory Affairs and the R&D Team in both Fort Worth and St. Louis compile documents for FDA Product submission. In fact, when completed, any one product can have over 5,000 pages of tests and results. Virbac has many products, so they have ALOT of important paper. These important files are kept locked in a secure vault making collaboration on new products very difficult. Texas Imaging Company provides Virbac with professional on-site scanning services. Product files are scanned, indexed, OCR'd and are exported as text-searchable PDF using the index values as file and folder naming conventions to be distributed as needed. Now researchers in both locations have access to the same files and collaboration is a breeze!


Scanning Service

Berkey's Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning ... In more than 32 years serving the communities of Grapevine, Southlake, Colleyville and Flower Mound had piled up the paper.

Lee Pogue called Texas Imaging Company to help with the Scanning of daily service tickets into a PaperVision Imaging System, which ended tons of typing. Also, this freed up the time of two (2) employees, who are now making additional outgoing sales calls to existing customers and increasing company profit. - Brilliant!



JBK Associates

Large construction projects involve complex financial arrangements between builders and project owners governed by Contracts. It is unlikely that owners match the builders experience to negotiate and manage these contracts resulting in many owners having ineffective control over their projects and depending too much on the builder or the architect.

JBK Associates supports project owners by providing assurance that full value is received through a 100% Audit of every expenditure. Texas Imaging Company assisted JBK Associates in developing processes, which provide fast, accurate review and analysis of every document, fax and email from the initial bids to project completion. JBK Associate's unique approach, utilizing their own proprietary software system, provides more accurate and quicker results, at lower costs.

Not surprisingly, projects involving millions of dollars often contain inappropriate charges. Construction audits from JBK Associates level the playing field between the owner and builder. Armed with technology not available through any other firm, JBK Associates construction audits now produce findings that almost always exceed the cost of the audit. Project owners and their stakeholders receive absolute assurance that their fiduciary responsiblity has been satisfied. The proof is in the documents, linked directly to the findings report and you can't argue with that.


Trust Management, Inc. is an independent Texas trust company founded in 1954 to provide specialized trust services for individuals and organizations. For Trust Management, trust administration is not a division, it is the one and only business.
For over 50 years, the Texas Department of Banking examines TM on a regular basis to ensure that their trusts and IRAs are administered in accordance with applicable law and safe and sound fiduciary standards. Audits could sometimes stretch into weeks of labor, using paper documents.
Old fashioned values meets modern technology when Texas Imaging Company installed PaperFlow and PaperVision to help tame the mountain of paper continually generated by thousands of IRA statements. Using barcode recognition scanning with a Canon 9080C - makes it a breeze. Now, the IRA statements are scanned as the mail is opened and they are instantly available for viewing by auditors, as well as customer service specialists..
Elliott & Waldron Abstract
Elliott Waldron Title Company was born in the late 1800's in East Texas and had over 150 locations throughout Texas and New Mexico. The original Elliott & Waldron was family owned and the primary business was preparing Mineral Abstracts for the oil and gas industry. Beginning in the 1960's Title Insurance evolved as the preferred method of assurance in property transfers and Elliott & Waldron was appointed as an agent for a National Underwriter to issue policies of title insurance. Due to this evolution, the business of title searching became a more detailed, sophisticated and paper intensive process
Texas Imaging Company helped Elliott & Waldron Abstract cut through their paper problems by helping image ALL the Deeds of Trust and Probate records in the Palo Pinto Courthouse and cut the search time down to seconds on a computer, instead of hours sorting through paper files at the courthouse.


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