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Document scanning and indexing. It should be easier. It should be less expensive. With PaperFlow, it is.

PaperFlow is the most powerful, complete and full-featured document capture and indexing system on the market.

Mountains of paper to scan? PaperFlow is Digitech's high-volume paper scanning software.
It can interface
with hundreds of scanners including desktop and production-level scanners running at their full-rated speeds of 400 images per minute or faster. PaperFlow can immediately improve your company's productivity and performance level without extensive new product training.

PaperFlow overcomes potential input bottlenecks with innovative and timesaving features.
Our unique document
indexing options ensure accuracy while minimizing operator keystrokes. PaperFlow's process-flow automation simplifies time-consuming processes such
as image-cleanup and exports and even allows you to schedule those
activities to occur
during off-peak hours.

PaperFlow has a user-friendly interface that allows administrators to set up any number of individual projects for departmental or corporate-wide installations. Scanning can be handled in one centralized location or simultaneously in various locations throughout an organization.

Service bureaus around the world have embraced this easy-to-use and powerful scanning
tool in their outsource
operations. These are companies whose livelihood depends on consistent operation from a scanning engine. Flexibility is crucial to service bureaus because they must adjust to the demands of a diverse clientele. PaperFlow delivers this flexibility, along with simplicity and affordability, to organizations of any size.

PaperFlow hates keystrokes, so the less the better. This is especially true in indexing,
the manner in which
scanned documents are referenced and by which they are searched. PaperFlow Index Manager, a powerful, customizable tool, lets the user define acceptable index parameters. Extensive auto-formatting and verification procedures minimize keystrokes while support for barcode, machine print and handwriting recognition eliminates keystrokes altogether. The data merge capabilities allow users to extract information from existing databases and populate indexes automatically.

PaperFlow excels as the document capture component of a complete Digitech installation
or as the front-end
for an existing document management system. Digitech has integrated powerful export engines that can transfer image and index data from PaperFlow to a wide variety of other document management systems. Export routines are pre-defined and easy to set up through an intuitive point-and-click interface. Furthermore, importing data from existing systems is just as easy to accomplish.

PaperFlow automation performs a full array of processes that can be scheduled to occur during off-peak hours, reducing network traffic and operator intervention, which puts to work otherwise unused resources. Export routines, FTP transfers, optical character recognition (OCR) and image processing can be scheduled to occur when the machine sits idle, and tasks can be scheduled to repeat automatically when desired. Automated import routines permit PaperFlow to be integrated with external input applications which are particularly useful for linking third party fax servers. PaperFlow provides simplicity, flexibility and cross-platform compatibility with renowned customer support. It's got it all. Simple, yet powerful enough
for all of your document capture needs.