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PaperVision Enterprise


Electronic Document Management (EDM) should be easier. It should be less expensive. With PaperVision® Enterprise,it is. PaperVision® Enterprise software brings instant access and control to mountains of paper and endless scattered versions of corporate electronic documents.

PaperVision Enterprise software brings instant access and control to mountains of paper and endless scattered versions of corporate electronic documents. It has unlimited scalability and reliability, security and state-of-the-art interoperability. With unfaltering power and ultra-flexible architecture, PaperVision Enterprise offers the same elegant ease-of-use in all Digitech Systems software products. PaperVision can immediately improve your company's productivity and performance level without extensive new product training.

Desktop or web-based access to your corporate data - the choice is yours. For complete flexibility, ranging from out-of-the-box, single-license implementation to the largest global intranet, PaperVision Enterprise includes both desktop client and browser-based document management, offering painless deployment across any enterprise..

PaperVision has a user-friendly interface that allows administrators to set up any number of individual projects for departmental or corporate-wide use. Viewing can be handled in one centralized location or simultaneously in various locations throughout an organization.

Scalability is unlimited. Reliability is unmatched. Ingeniously designed, PaperVision Enterprise can run on a single desktop or handle the most demanding requirements of a multinational conglomerate. The same application can scale across multiple application servers, web servers and database servers, all of which can be leveraged, tiered and load-balanced to fit organizations of any size. All supporting components are included, even with a single concurrent license, delivering outstanding value.. PaperVision delivers this flexibility, along with simplicity and affordability, to organizations of any size.

Security is uncompromising. The PaperVision Enterprise Administration Console provides airtight security configurations for all customers, while the application provides function-level verification on every transaction. Full support for Secure Socket Layer is built-in, along with site-specific security measures such as IP address limiting, session source persistence and more. Additionally, three layers of application-level security ensures that users are granted appropriate access only to the required functionality and data. External users can also be granted limited, temporary access to specific data through the use of document grants, without elaborate security modifications.

With the release of PaperVision Enterprise R41, which includes Message Manager for seamless email management. Among the new features of PaperVision Enterprise are Microsoft Office integration and email management. The new PaperVision Enterprise Tools allow users to upload and manage documents directly from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even Windows Explorer in PaperVision Enterprise, making it easier for users to utilize enterprise content management without leaving their Microsoft Office application.

PaperVision Message Manager allows organizations to obtain—and keep—control of email messages by utilizing their PaperVision Enterprise document and content management (ECM) system. With Message Manager, organizations can apply pre-defined business rules to determine which messages to capture and manage. Message Manager imports those messages into PaperVision Enterprise and indexes them for fast retrieval. .