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Free up space and boost productivity with high density mobile filing systems saving you time and space. It’s that simple. We analyze your needs, devise a solution, install the equipment and train your staff. You see the immediate results. You can free up to 80% of the space your files currently occupy - and filing efficiency can double while lost and misplaced files practically become a thing of the past.  

Standard Services


Technology Services

  Guaranteed satisfaction, To find the perfect high density mobile filing and storage solution, look no further. You’ll find the very latest in high density mobile filing equipment, units that meet such regulatory requirements as HIPAA and FACTA. Contact us for a free, no-obligation custom space analysis and quotation.
Standard Services

File Room Assessment: Review and evaluate filing system. Improve your filing efficiency by determining what is best for your current needs. Survey and recommendation of space saving file equipment. (back to top)


Space Planning: Need more space? Let us show you how to properly utilize every foot of your existing file room. (back to top)


CAD Generated Computer Layouts: CAD trained designers will lay out your new file room. Custom design a shelving system to maximize filing space. (back to top)


Floor Load Consulting: When installing a Filing System, floor load is an issue that needs to be addressed. Our experienced engineering department can design around all types of floor conditions. ( (back to top)


Quotes: Free quotes for services and products. (back to top)


Installation: We install all equipment we sell. (back to top)


File Conversion Management Services: Record management professionals assisting your organization with file conversions, relocations, purging and all related file management activities. (back to top)


File Relocation: Move your filing system files from your old location to your new location. Ensure your critical records reach their destination safe and secure. (back to top)


Project Management: Need an expert to head up that large or difficult project? Our expertise will make your project a success. (back to top)


Off Site Archive Storage: Convenient and secure file storage and retrieval for the most frequent or infrequently accessed files. Managed by the top Leading-Edge Software (Total Recall) (back to top)


Filing Systems Maintenance: Maintenance of all types of shelving, rotary files and high density mobile filing systems. (back to top)


Workflow Consulting: Expert analysis and recommendations to streamline workflow and increase filing efficiency. (back to top)


Color Coding: Let us show you how to speed up your filing time by implementing alphabetic, numeric or terminal digit labeling systems for your files. (back to top)


Technology Services


Document Imaging: Conversion of paper documents to digital images. (back to top)


EMR Solutions: Electronic Medical Records solutions. (back to top)


Document and Records Management Software: Let us show you how to better manage your files with bar coding. (back to top)


Bar Coding:: Let us show you how to better manage your files with bar coding. (back to top)


Radio Frequency Identification: RFID is the latest technology for tracking files in large file rooms. (back to top)


Web Technology for Records Management: Imaging to your local machine or enterprise based internet repository for electronic data storage, let us show you how to best manage a large volume of data. (back to top)


Document Scanning & Microfilming: Convert paper files to electronic images or microfilm. (back to top)